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  • Takht Bahi Monastery
  • Kundol Lake
  • Mahudand Lake
  • Kalam
  • Kalam
  • Godur Lake
  • Swat River
  • Spinkhopr Lake
  • Shingerdar Stupa
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Welcome to Swat Valley

The Land of Enchanting Beauty.

The valleys of upper Swat beyond Kalam offers an ideal destination for nature lovers and eco-tourists. The diverse habitats of these valleys are home to variety wild animals including snow leopard, Markhor, musk deer, Himalayan black bear and Himalayan ibex. Other animals include Himalayan lynx, brown bear, grey wolf, striped hyena and common otter. For birders, there is a wide variety of species, including Brahminy myna, tree sparrow, mountain cliffs, Koklas and Monal pheasants, Chakor partridge, golden eagles, white capped Redstart, brown dipper and common kestrel.
The opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat is a unique experience. It requires patience and general understanding of wildlife behavior. Going with experienced wilderness guide provides best chance of nature study and wildlife viewing. For more information about planning a nature study trip please contact Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan at

Environmental Care Code

As a nature loving visitors, we invite you to help conserve the natural beauty of our mountain areas for generations to come. Following 10 points will help you to “step gently” in the fragile environment of Swat Valley and make your visit environmentally friendly:-

  • Protect Plants and Animals.

  • Treat Swat Valley’s forests, animals and birds with care and respect, they are unique and rare. Do not damage, disturb or remove any plants or animals.

  • Remove Rubbish.

  • Litter is unattractive, harmful to wildlife and can increase vermin and disease. Plan your visit to reduce rubbish, and carry out what you carry in.

  • Bury Toilet Waste.

  • In areas without toilet facilities, bury your toilet waste in a shallow hole well away from waterways, tracks, campsites and lodges.

  • Keep streams and Lakes Clean.

  • When cleaning a washing, take the water and wash well away from the water source. Because soaps and detergents are harmful to water-life, drain used water into the soil to allow it to be filtered. If you suspect the water may be contaminated, either boil it for at least 3 minutes, or filter it with portable filter or chemically treat it.

  • Take care of Fires.

  • Portable fuel stoves are less harmful to the environment and are more efficient than fires. If you do use a fire, keep it small, use only dead wood and make sure it is out by dousing it with water and checking the ashes before leaving. Make sure you and your staff has enough warm clothes.

  • Camp Carefully.

  • When camping. Leave no trace of your visit.

  • Keep to the Track.

  • By keeping to the track, where one exists, you lessen the chance of damaging fragile plants.

  • Consider Others.

  • People visit nature areas for many reasons. Be considerate of other visitors who also have a right to enjoy the natural environment. Respect local customs in your dress and behaviour.

  • Respect Our Cultural Heritage.

  • If you pass by any site of historical and spiritual significance, treat these places with consideration and respect.

  • Enjoy your Visit.

  • Enjoy your outdoor experience. Take a last look before leaving an area; will the next visitor know that you have been there?

Protect the environment for your own sake, for the sake of those who come after you and for the environment itself.

Take nothing but photos; leave nothing but foot prints.



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    Swat, known as the Switzerland of Asia due to its natural beauty, has opened its arms for according warm welcome to tourists as security and peace have been restored and militants have been pushed out of the region by security forces.

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