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Visit Swat Valley

  • But-Kara
  • Takht Bahi Monastery
  • Kundol Lake
  • Mahudand Lake
  • Kalam
  • Kalam
  • Godur Lake
  • Swat River
  • Spinkhopr Lake
  • Shingerdar Stupa
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Welcome to Swat Valley

The Land of Enchanting Beauty.

Swat is an excellent destination for trekking and hill walking. There are a number of trekking routes all along the valley. Brief descriptions of some famous trekking routes are given in Trekking and Adventure Section. Kalam is ideal base camps for one to 5 daysdays outings. There are also good opportunities for those interested in more leisurely day trips, hill walking or nature study walks.

Trout fishing is a popular activity in the Swat Valley. Fishing for brown and rainbow trout in the crystal clear water of the valley lakes and in the Upper Swat River and its tributaries is favorite pastime for many. A fishing permit can be obtained from the Fisheries Department at Kalam. Bringing your own angling gear is optional as you can rent equipment from shopkeepers at Kalam Bazaar. Please remember that the use of fishing nets and explosive materials for fishing in rivers and lakes are illegal as they are harmful for the healthy and sustainable growth of trout fish and other wildlife.

In addition to short duration jeep rides to valleys of Ushu, Matiltan and UtrotValley are ideal for thrilling jeep rides from Kalam. All these places are unique in landscape and their details are given in the Introduction section.

Pony riding is a favorite activity for families during their trip to Swat Valley. Ponies are easily available for rent at Kalam, Ushu, Utrot and Mahodand Lake. A ride at Mahodand Lake can be a most enjoyable experience. For the more adventurous, a longer ride of two to three days in the upper Swat Valley can be a momentous journey.

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